Chris MoneyMaker Attend Poker Tournament

The Champions Poker Club live stream games will also be played and discussed by moneymaker live casino thailand , Elias, and Berkey in special Fan engagements. I’m excited to get out of my Lone Star Poker Main Event ‘live poker retiring,'” said Chris Moneymaker. Creating new poker experiences is really important to me and the whole Above the Felt Squad shares the sentiment. We look forward to participating in a fantastic series with the Champions Poker Club community.

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The meet 

It’s always fun to meet and play with new people in the poker world, and I’m confident that Chris, Matt, and the Lone Star Poker Series will be great time, Darren Elias said. I think poker will be a huge phenomenon in Texas, and it’s just the start of this event casino Thailand 711 Kelab. I’m hoping to come down and compete. Texas is very much in the poker history, and seeing the game rise in the area is really cool,” said Matt Berkey. “I can’t wait to highlight what Texas poker has to give to play in this series.” The Lone Star Poker Series starts on the 15th April 2021 and ends on the 3rd May. The $1 million Main Event kick ensured A $1,300 buy-In with five starting flights will take place from April 27.

Guarantee offers 

Kim Stone, founding member of the Lone Star Poker Series, told me, “This is our honour to be partner of Above the Felt for this historic tournament. “It is the first ever 1 million dollar guaranteed poker tournament held in the state of Lone Star Poker Spring Series. The series has a fixed prize pool of more than $1.5 million for 19 tournaments and we expect to welcome players from all levels to the Poker Club Championships.”

Houston, Texas is based in Champions Poker Club. The venue was co-founded by the world’s leading personalities including the Poker Patron, Doyle Brunson, Phil Hellmuth, the world’s 15-time poker champion, three-time nominee for WSOP gold bracelet, Tomko, and Roy Choi and Jieho Lee. The event was organised by some of the most important people in the industry. The strong team is working together to teach the world about Poker Champions.

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Strategic partnership

Poker is booming across Texas, and especially in Houston,” Roy Choi, the co-founder for the Champions Poker Club said. It will only continue to expand.” ‘We aim to speed up the development and deliver our players as we extend our presence in the area through our strategic relationship with Above the Felt. Innovative encounters like the one with Above the Felt highlight the fact that Champions Poker Club is recognised as Texas’s finest poker club.”

Short off 

Above the Felt couldn’t have sought a better partner for its first experiential marketing partnership in Texas,” said Tom Wheaton, Felt Entertainment’s creator. “The whole staff of Champions Poker Club was nothing short of top-class throughout. Together, during the Lone Star Poker Series, we look forward to bringing Texas poker to new levels.


A brand new, state-of-the-art store will be the Champions Poker Club live stream, featuring cash games and tournaments with beyond the Felt talent during the show.


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